enCode with Words
= 9801234567
Updated: 2013 Oct 19

An encoding schema where in digital data is mapped to literal words. e.g. 9801234567 = Cat Apple Mango Tomato

Like Bar Codes, a WCode represents a piece of digital data.
It is different in that instead of geometrical figures like bars or blocks, it comprises of literal words.

Bar Code QR Code WCode
Bar Code : Rectangle with black bars QR Code : Square with black blocks WCode : \ Cat Rock Friend Tomato /
Example: \ Cat Apple Mango Tomato /
123456 1A2B3C4D 9801234567

Thus, it is readable by humans. To decode data though, a computer is still required.

This makes it possible for WCodes to be:

  • – manually entered into a computer via a keyboard.
  • – relayed to another person over voice, print or, handwritten and electronic text-messages.
  • – short and simple, compared to the original data.
    As in the example above
    Original: Digits 10 Nine Eight Zero One Two Three Four Five Six Seven
    WCode:  Nouns 4 Cat Apple Mango Tomato
  • – memorizable;
    at least: small portions of a long code — which aids manual entry.

It is recommended that a set of 2n popular, unique and phonetically distinct nouns be used for the words of a WCode.
See: WordList & Guidelines for details. In the present implementation: 1K (i.e. 1024) words are used; as such,
technically, it is a form of Base-1024 (or simply: Base-K) encoding.