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What is WCode?

A system to communicate digital information using only simple words.
Below, each symbolize the same data; The bottom one: words enclosed by slashes, is the equivalent WCode
one two three four five six
1 2 3 4 5 6
\ cat apple mango tomato /
Unlike barcodes, instead of geometrical figures like bars and blocks, WCode is made of literal words.

Where can it be used?

WCode is to be used when a human needs to relay very short data from one computer to another manually.
Like when exchanging email addresses, mobile numbers or GPS co-coordinates by speech or writing

WCode general use-case

Why should it be used?

Comparatively, WCodes are:
  • shorter – meaning lesser number of words. Since 1 when spoken, is again a word: ‘ONE’
    As in the example above:
    6 digits
    4 nouns
    CatAppleMango Tomato
  • simpler – thus unambiguous and easier to communicate and memorize
    Digits and symbols like : 1, @, _ are replaced with common words.
    Even complex datasets like : 27°59'17'N 86°55'31'E get transformed to a bunch of simple words.
  • safer – ensures accuracy and privacy
    The chances of making a mistake are reduced.
    Additionally checksum and encryption are supported.

How to use it?

  1. In the WCode app select the data mode
  2. Enter your mobile number and generate the corresponding unique WCode
Data:9812345670cat apple mango
  1. On the receiver's app, select the code mode
  2. Enter the WCode that was generated earlier and decode
Code:cat apple mango9812345670
– Voilà ! your number is back.