What is WCode?

A system to communicate digital information using only simple words.
Below, each represent the same data; The bottom one: words enclosed by slashes, is the equivalent WCode
one two three four five six
1 2 3 4 5 6
\ cat apple mango tomato /
Unlike barcodes, instead of geometrical figures like bars and blocks, WCode is made up of literal words.

Where can it be used?

WCode is to be used when a human needs to relay very short data from one computer to another manually.
E.g. when exchanging email address, mobile number or GPS location by speech or writing

WCode general use-case

Why should it be used?

Comparatively, WCodes are:
  • shorter – meaning lesser number of words. Since 1 when spoken, is again a word: ‘ONE’
    As in the example above:
    6 digits
    4 nouns
    CatAppleMango Tomato
  • simpler – thus unambiguous and easier to communicate and memorize
    Digits and symbols like : 1, @, _ are replaced with common words.
    Even complex datasets like : 27°59'17'N 86°55'31'E get transformed to a bunch of simple words.
  • safer – ensures accuracy and privacy
    The chances of making a mistake are reduced.
    Additionally checksum and encryption are supported.

Example :

Data:9812345670cat apple mango:Code
Code:cat apple mango9812345670:Data
– Voilà ! your mobile number is back.