WCodes can be integrated into existing and new systems in the following two ways:
  • Active
    The WCode sub system can be inserted into an existing system.
    Both the sender and receiver will require the WCode converter attached to the IO Channel.
    encoder and decoder embedded in sender and receiver respectively
    A WCode Encoder will encode the output right before it is dispatched to the receiver.
    A WCode Decoder will decode it back to the original data before processing it further.

    e.g. Two-Factor authentication systems like One Time Password (OTP) – SMS.
  • Passive
    Without modifying the receiving system – a separate standalone tool can be used to input WCodes and
    – relay decoded data directly to the target.
    encoder may or maynot be embedded in sender; standalone decoder at receiver end

    e.g. A separate software, similar to the Google Transliterate Tool, can take WCode input and relay the decoded data to, say, a designated field of a GUI form.