WCodes can be integrated into existing and new systems in the following two ways

  • Active
    The WCode sub system can be inserted into an existing system.
    Both the sender and receiver will require the WCode converter attached to the IO Channel.
    WCodeEncoder WCodeDecoder SenderReceiver
    A WCode Encoder will encode the output right before it is dispatched to the receiver.
    A WCode Decoder will decode it back to the original data before processing it further.

    e.g. Two-Factor authentication systems like One Time Password (OTP) – SMS.
  • Passive
    Without modifying the receiving system – a separate standalone tool can be used to input WCodes and
    – relay decoded data directly to the target.

    e.g. A separate software, similar to the Google Transliterate Tool, can take WCode input and relay the decoded data to, say, a designated field of a GUI form.