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WCode based geo-location system

The address Problem

Even in the GPS age, why do addresses have to be so complicated ?

They are generally too non-standardized, lengthy and ambiguous.
Also, often very imprecise.

And even the latitude and longitude coordinates are too complex to be used by the general public.

The words Solution

With WCode location - addresses can be super-short and simple.

The WCode location address can take you to any point in a city using just three very simple words.
It precisely specifies a ground point with a resolution of just 2 meters.

It’s a PIN code to your door, but of words.


Other competing systems use alphabets and numbers.
For end users they don’t help much

One system uses words but their dictionary comprises of many thousands of words and thus includes difficult pronunciation and spellings - defeating the very purpose

WCode location uses only 1024 basic words



Click on the link below to go to the webapp and watch it simplify your address: