I had invented and published the method and apparatus of transforming digital data into a sequence of literal words on my website wcodes.org in late 2012 (Web archive snapshots available).

I created a video titled "WCode - introduction" and made it public on YouTube on April 10th - 2013.

WCode intro - YouTube video

Later on April 11th - 2013, I began a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo.com

Following are the time stamped binaries from the Indiegogo file server - anyone for themselves can verify that I had indeed made the invention by April 2013, by downloading the executable installers from the campaign page, or links below and replaying the following steps.

WCode installer x86 from April 28th - 2013
WCode installer x64 from April 28th - 2013

Following are the screenshots demonstrating the 5 word encoding of geo-coordinates from the installer above.

WCode desktop app - Lat-lng

E.g. coordinate: 27°59′17″N 86°55′31″E transforms to: lift uncle cork rim screw

WCode desktop app - Lat-lng encode

Same is got back when the wcode is decoded

WCode desktop app - Lat-lng decode


A few years later I found out that a startup named “What3Words” in UK had applied for a patent on the same invention, with the only apparent difference being that their code is shorter with only 3 words while WCode had 5; But the disparity was primarily because WCode used a dictionary of only 1024 simple words against the many thousands.
The filing date for the patent application: GB1307148.5 was April 19th - 2013, only 8 days later after my campaign went live.

W3W patent application, UK-IPO, GB1307148.5

Since I had invented and showcased and also published the binary for encoding geo-coordinates into 5 words (from a limited dictionary of only 1024 words), I tried to get the patent application invalidated.
Thus I sought help on StackExchange Patents Q&A site.

I tried submitting a third party observation but was unable to since the priority date is past 28 months limit.
And later tried contacting the UK-IPO office with the same data through email.

However, sadly, it turns that on January 30th, 2018, patent US9883333B2 was granted.


UK: https://patents.google.com/patent/GB2513196A/en
Status: Withdrawn. UK patent examination office has accepted and references 'prior art' by Ujjwal Singh
US: https://patents.google.com/patent/US9883333B2/en
WIPO: https://patents.google.com/patent/WO2014170646A1
Lists prior art: 1. Indiegogo campaign url 2. YouTube Video url by Ujjwal Sing


[1] : OpenStreetMap : wiki - What3words

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