I have always wondered - why do we all still have to go through the same troubles when exchanging numbers especially over phone by speech. Isn't there a better way?

  • How often mistakes are made when sending IDs like mobile numbers and email addresses
  • In absence of a pen, having to remember even a 10 digit number can become a difficult task
  • If there is no internet or pen-drive - how to send a small digital file?
  • What if correct delivery is a matter of life and death?

WCode is the answer.

WCode number example - comics WCode number example - comics
WCode number example - comics WCode number example - comics

What is WCode?

An encoding schema to convert digital data into literal words. It is similar to bar-codes and QR-codes but different in that it is human readable.

Bar Code QR Code WCode
\ Cat Apple Mango Tomato /
123456 1A2B3C4D 9801234567

What does it do?

Converts data like Numbers, Email addresses or URLs and even small digital files into a bunch of words.

Captioned screenshot of the Windows GUI application

How is it useful?

When asked for your telephone no. wouldn't it be nice if you had to say only four words instead of the usual ten. For example:
"Cat Apple Mango Tomato" against "Nine Eight Zero One Two Three Four Five Six Seven".

Also the chances of making mistakes are reduced since only carefully handpicked words that are simple and unambiguous and have distinct pronunciation are used.

Additionally check-summed WCode can be used to ensure correct delivery.

Where can it be used?

Where ever a human being is in-between a short digital communication across two non-connected computer systems. For example:
You need to tell your friend your bank account number. Even a single mistake can be disatrous. If you cannot SMS or email - and you must use traditional methods like writing or voice, WCode may be the best option.

WCodes are to be used in-between two disconnected computer systems