User guide

captioned screen shot of the WCode windows GUI application
Input box: Depending on Mode, space for the data on which the software operates.
Mode: Based on the complete mode determined by Type group & Data type:
Encode The input data is converted into a WCode
Decode The previously encoded data is regenerated from the input
Type group:
Raw Raw digital data
Object A defined collection of individual data blocks
Data type:
Binary e.g. 101000113001
Octal e.g. 7034221
Decimal e.g. 9801234567
Hex e.g. 0F10BAD
Base32 e.g. AB123Z
Base64 e.g. QxhVvXqBiDc
File e.g. a Software license file C:\Lic.bin
ASCII 07 bit char-set
ANSI 08 bit char-set
Unicode 16 bit char-set
Whole e.g. 123
Float e.g. 0.5
Lat-Long e.g. 27°59'17"N 86°55'31"E
Checksum: Ensure data integrity
Save Mode: Save current Mode, Type group, Data type & Checksum state across application sessions
Splash screen: Show splash screen
Execute: Perform the conversion
Output box:
/ Suggestion list
Space for the converted output
In Decode mode - Shows the suggestion list of the likely word being typed.
Press {Tab} to select the first suggestion.
Press {1} through {0} to select from first to tenth suggestion.
Note: When inputting a WCode: \ and / are not to be included and each word should be separated by a single space.
When inputting an object: enter each part into a new line.